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Medical peels or chemical peels as they are also known, might sound intimidating, but with numerous benefits, they are one of the most effective ways of achieving a fresh, younger looking complexion. Having been available on the beauty market for decades, the treatment has built up a somewhat bad reputation from procedures gone wrong. However, the medical peel of today is a very different treatment, with minimal recovery time, little to no risk and outstanding results.

What will a medical peel do to my skin?

Medical peels contain a chemical solution that removes the top layer of dead skin cells to reveal a smoother and clearer skin underneath. Available in a range of intensities, peels can reduce ageing spots and acne, minimise wrinkles and even out skin tone. The removal of dead skin cells also stimulates the growth of new cells, ensuring that your skin looks its very best.

During the procedure, the solution is applied directly to the face and left for a few minutes. Your skin may feel tight for a couple of hours after the treatment but shouldn’t be painful. Once your procedure is complete, it’s vital that you take care to protect your skin from heat and SPF exposure, as the new skin layer will be vulnerable. To maintain a glowing complexion, its recommended that medical peels are incorporated into your regular skin care routine and are administered every 3-6 months.

Who is a medical peel for?

Medical peels are for anyone struggling with a dull complexion or with troublesome areas on their face that are causing discomfort or effecting confidence. The Aesthetics Room offers a range of different medical peels to suit a variety of needs, including specialist anti-ageing, acne scarring and hyper-pigmentation peels, to the speedier, all-over red-carpet peel, and the more intense perfect peel.

Appointments take no longer than 30 minutes, with visible results instantly and greater changes noticeable after only a few hours.

If you’d like to know more about medical peels, please call 0203 633 5969 to speak to a member of The Aesthetics Room’s team.

The Aesthetics Room offers medical peels from just £99.

Trust in The Aesthetics Room

The Aesthetics Room is a certified and reputable provider of skin, body, and hair treatments, with trained professionals administering treatments in its Harley Street and Knightsbridge branches. With in-person and virtual consultations available, speak to a member of the team for free today about Botox and the other available beauty and medical treatments.

If you’re still not convinced that The Aesthetics Room is for you, check out the clinic’s multiple five-star reviews and testimonials.