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Reduce unwanted lines and wrinkles

During the consultation for the treatment of lines and wrinkles, we will discuss what beneficial treatments can be used and what you can do to keep lines and wrinkles at bay.

Frequently asked questions

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There are many reasons that our skin starts to show signs of lines and wrinkles. The most common is obviously age. However, by taking care of our skin as early as possible can slow the process. For sure, you can buy over the counter products, but no one specific treatment is right for everyone’s skin.

We offer several treatments to help rule out lines and wrinkles. One of our most popular is the use of Botulinum Toxin (Botox). It is a neurotoxin that releases acetylcholine. By injecting small quantities of the Botulinum into the troubled areas, it causes localised muscle relaxation. Therefore, resulting in a smooth surface and a reduction in unwanted lines and wrinkles.

To see the full effects of using Botulinum Toxin can take approximately two weeks to develop fully, but will then last three to four months.

It isn’t a lengthy process at all and takes only a few minutes with no anaesthesia necessary. Using a fine needle, we will inject the toxin into specific muscles. There will only be minor discomfort for a short period.

Botox is a safe and speedy procedure and will have hardly any impact on your day to day activities. We do however recommend you avoid anything too strenuous for at least 24 hours. Here are some suggestions:

  • Avoid rubbing or massaging the injected area for at least 4 hours, including facials.
  • Only commit to light exercise for 24 hours.
  • Try to remain upright for 4 hours. So, avoid laying on your front or taking part in activities that involve you leaning over too much.
  • Don’t wear any tight headwear. For example, a helmet that may be tight across your forehead.
  • Avoid drinking excessive amounts of alcohol.
  • If you are on blood-thinning medication, seek advice before your treatment.

Please note, Botulinum Toxin Type A is a prescription-only medicine and will only be prescribed after an initial consultation.

Summary of Consultation

What to expect during the virtual consultation

Procedure Time

30 minutes estimated

Full Recovery

24 hours estimated

Duration of Results

3-4 months*

Back to Work

Immediate estimated

Sensitivity Period

1 hour estimated

Risks & Complications

Infection, bruises, drooping brow, allergic reactions (e.g. swelling)*


No anaesthetic necessary

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