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Last year saw a 70% rise in consultations for cosmetic procedures and a notable increase in male clients according to The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS). The trend is predicted to continue, with heavier screen use as a result of remote working and stress from the COVID-19 pandemic as the main causes. 

Many of us are experiencing multiple Zoom and Microsoft Teams calls a day, in both our professional and personal lives, and have become accustomed to seeing our reflection in high definition. But with more men noticing face complaints, what are some simple steps to achieve a younger, clearer, ‘Zoom-ready’ complexion if you’re new to the world of male skincare?

Eliminate lines and wrinkles

The most popular way to remove lines and wrinkles is with Botulinum Toxin or as its more commonly known, Botox. The protein works by preventing the chemical messengers from sending signals to the facial muscles and relaxes stubborn crow’s feet and forehead and frown lines. The procedure takes around 30 minutes and lasts up to four months. With only minor discomfort whilst the Botox is administered and no need for anaesthetic, the treatment is quick and straightforward, causing minimal disruption to your busy day.

The Aesthetics Room offers Male Botox from only £228.

Peel away the years

Other effective treatments to reduce the signs of ageing are facial peels. The Aesthetics Room has an array of peels available to suit all skin types, whether you’d like to improve dark circles, scarring or acne. Each peel uses a different chemical solution to remove the top layer of skin, revealing smoother, blemish-free skin underneath. Recovery time can take longer than Botox, but the results are worth the wait.

The Aesthetics Room offers facial peels from just £99.

Face the word with a facial

Facials are a great alternative if you’re looking for a less evasive treatment or would like to ease yourself into more advanced skincare solutions. A facial is a multi-step treatment involving cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturising to deep clean and hydrate the skin. The Aesthetics Room offers an innovative new treatment T.A.R Ultimate Facial Experience, which combines the most popular treatments in one, including Hyperbaric Oxygen, IV Nutrient Therapy and PRP. 

The Aesthetics Room offers these specialist facials to increase oxygen and nutrients in your blood plasma before administering the plasma onto your skin. PRP contains growth hormone and stem cells to transform your skin

Everyday skincare to keep your face fresh

To ensure your skin is at its very best, it’s vital that you carry out a regular skincare routine. It needn’t be complicated, but to see results you must cleanse, tone, correct and protect at least twice a day. The Aesthetics Room’s most popular products for men are PCA Clear Skin Moisturiser and Obagi Exfoderm – these can be purchased in its Knightsbridge or Harley Street branches or via its online store.

The Aesthetics Room stocks PCA Skin and Obagi Medical products, with prices starting from only £24.

If you have specific skin complaints or would like to discuss further any of the treatments mentioned in this article, please call 0203 633 5969 to speak to The Aesthetics Room’s team.