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Cannulas and needles are mostly used in dermal filler injections, but you might not be aware that there’s a big difference between the two tools that has a huge impact on the results of your skin.

A cannula is a thin tube, which in a medical setting, is inserted into the skin to remove or deliver fluid. When used in beauty treatments the cannula looks a lot like a normal needle, but is longer, more flexible, and blunt to allow for greater freedom of movement. In comparison, a needle is shorter, more rigid, sharper than a cannula, and a lot more severe to the skin.

How is a cannula used?

During a dermal filler treatment, a small perforation is made to the skin in which to insert the cannula. Due to the cannula being longer than a needle and more flexible, a clinician may be able to treat multiple areas of the face through just one tiny hole. This means that there’s less damage to the skin and a reduction in the risk of bruising, scarring, and swelling.

The flex of the cannula is also able to move with greater ease around arteries and veins, whereas the needle would slice through and damage them. Often needles are used by less experienced professionals and can have long-lasting detrimental effects if not used correctly.  

As with all aesthetic, beauty procedures, it’s vital that you have a consultation beforehand, so that you can fully understand what the treatment entails and can be assured that your clinician is qualified and capable of carrying out a high-quality procedure that will leave with you with the very best results.

When dermal filler is administered correctly, it can be one of the most effective treatments for anti-ageing. It can even be used to alter and perfect the face with miracle procedures like the non-surgical nose job and jaw contouring, which frees clients from the risk and expense of going under the knife.

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