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The shape of your face can transform your appearance, but the older we get the more definition we lose. Although quality products and a skincare regime can help, they can only take us so far. Once only available through invasive surgery like a surgical face lift or a neck lift, advances in aesthetic treatments now means you can achieve the same effects through a simple, relatively painless, non-invasive procedure.

A youthful complexion is defined by sharp contours around the jaw, plumpness in the cheeks and distinct features. As we age, our facial muscles weaken and the vital fat pads beneath our skin diminish – this causes our skin to sag and droop. A change in facial shape can have a dramatic impact on the way we feel about our looks and can have an incredible bearing on our everyday lives. However, there is a solution. By just moulding the jawline, the professionals at The Aesthetics Room can transform your entire face and in turn boost that much-needed confidence.

Quick and easy procedure

Dermal fillers use a naturally occurring gel to smooth out lines and wrinkles, but also to replenish lost firmness and volume. Administered in just 30 minutes, with no downtime and almost completely without pain, fillers are a quick fix to achieve a sculpted jawline.

The Aesthetics Room team will look at your entire face to ensure that your features are balanced and in proportion, but most importantly, natural. There’s no point reworking the lower part of your face, without considering the overall appearance. With a bespoke amount of filler used for each client, filler is injected along the jawline to create the perfect silhouette and an ideal face shape.

Jawline work lasts from six to 18 months and results are immediate. Nonetheless, only skilled and experienced practitioners like those at The Aesthetics Room will be able to achieve the best results. Talk to a member of the team today about how they could transform your face with a few simple injections.

Jawline reshaping and contouring work at The Aesthetics Room starts from just £308 – a small price to pay for a treatment that could change your whole face, boost your confidence and make you feel fabulous, young and fresh again.

Trust in The Aesthetics Room

The Aesthetics Room is a certified and reputable provider of skin, body, and hair treatments, with trained professionals administering treatments in its Harley Street and Knightsbridge branches. With in-person and virtual consultations available, speak to a member of the team for free today about the clinic’s extensive list of beauty and medical treatments.

If you’re still not convinced that The Aesthetics Room is for you, check out the clinic’s multiple five-star reviews and testimonials.