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Author: tardevelopment

8 Common Skincare Myths Put Right By An Expert

Topman Skincare Blog Toothpaste to treat spots? Cucumber to help puffy eyes? We’ve called in our favourite skincare expert to put these – and other skin myths – to bed. Vishul Gudka, master of aesthetics, clinical director and lead practitioner of The Aesthetics Room, is here

What are Dermal Fillers?

Taking care of your skin is something everybody should consider throughout their life.  Even from a young age, if you neglect your skin, you could potentially have issues later on in life.  Dermal fillers are just one of many treatments you can choose to bring

Does working out give you acne?

Just had a massive workout? Wiping the sweat of your face with your hands as you head off for a hot shower. Itching to scrub the dirt off your face or just too exhausted and shower later? Here are some tips which may make you

Will the sun cause my skin to age?

Two types of UV rays – UVA and UVB UVA – cause tanning, wrinkles and ageing UVB – cause sunburn and skin cancer What Damage does the sun cause? Fine lines Wrinkles Age spots Freckles Leathery skin Hyperpigmentation How do | tan with suncream on?