To create and design we look at the science of beauty. Artists, sculptors and painters back in the day understood that there is a mathematical element to beauty and it is present in both living and human-made creations. The element we refer to is known as The Golden Ratio 1:1.6 or Phi. We use Phi as an aesthetic blueprint in our consultations to create the correct proportions, shape and volume of each individual. When taking a holistic approach with the aid of The Golden Ratio it allows us to stay within our limits so that we never create something more than what is necessary

The Consultation
Target Area

How we work with you

The idea of every consultation is to understand what you are trying to achieve. Our job is to bring together a holistic treatment plan bespoke to you. Using our knowledge and expertise of the anatomy, we look at the whole face rather than just the treatment area to provide the best possible result. Whether this is treating the actual area itself or advising alternative treatments.

Whether this is treating the actual area itself or advising alternative treatments. We will go through your expectations together and provide you with an honest assessment to ensure whether these expectations can be met.

One size does not fit all, which is why we create a bespoke treatment plan for each individual.

What is involved in the consultation?

After developing a treatment plan together, we will go through your medical history, detailed information about the treatment options and explain what the benefits of the treatment is.

It’s my first time

First time can always be daunting and there is no obligation to ever have treatment. We have a general talk about your concerns and your goals. Every treatment from our point of view is about safety whilst also achieving the best possible result.

We ensure you that you are being treated by a qualified healthcare professional and you are given that trust to ease the experience.