What makes us different

Here at The Aesthetics Room we pride ourselves in providing a unique experience in aesthetics, beauty and skin. The Aesthetics Room is based in two of London’s prestigious locations, Harley Street and Mayfair.

Vishul is the aesthetics practitioner and clinical director of The Aesthetics Room. He is a prescriber and a Level 7 Masters Degree graduate in Aesthetics from Harley Academy.

About Vishul

Vishul is an active member of the ACE Group, which focuses primarily on patient safety. Patient safety is the number one goal in this industry. As healthcare professionals, it is our duty to put patient safety above aesthetic needs. This separates us from a vastly unregulated industry.

One of The Aesthetics Room’s biggest assets is Vishul’s passion for art, creation and design. In aesthetics, one size does not fit all as every individual is completely unique in their own way. There is no one measurement or dose for everyone.

Vishul brings his art skills into his treatment with a keen eye to detail giving you the precise results you hope to be looking for.

Bespoke Treatment Plan

This is where our consultation becomes something you may have never experienced before. We take a holistic approach in finding the right treatment for you, by visually analysing proportions, shape, symmetry, volume, texture. This enables us to discuss a plan that is only bespoke to you. You may have come in for a particular treatment, but it is our job to discuss with you the best possible outcome and that may include alternative treatment options to optimise your results.

We maintain a natural look designed to suit you. We want to instil confidence to make you feel more like yourself.

About The Aesthetics Room


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